ARRAY Floral, shopThere are some remarkable floral designs at The DC Wharf. Check out the stand-out tropical foliage at Kaliwa, the ring of flowers around Del Mar’s new outdoor Cafe, or the nodding chives along the walk to the Seafood Market! 


Of course, we have wanted to carry that same feeling into our own spaces, but watching a cute plant die a slow death at our own hands has been the bitter reality. Someone hide the evidence! We are thrilled here at Wharf Life DC to announce the opening of Array Florals!  

Array floral at DC Wharf

Array is our first and only true flower shop at The Wharf, and flowers make every space feel special, at least when they are alive. Array is located right around the corner from Milk Bar at the corner of District Square and Water Street. The proud owners at Array Florals have their Grand Opening July 27th, and are just setting up their online and social presence. But they are ready for orders! We can be the first to call them to sign up for a class or order delivered, creative, custom arranged, live flowers or plants for our love, home, or office. No more need to have sad dead plants hanging around. Problem solved!  


The shop itself is well worth a visit. They have created a huge live-moss wall as the focal piece for their entrance. What a great easy-to-care-for option, and it’s gorgeous. As you wander around the shop, you’ll discover an easy-to-care-for plant just for you with all the succulents, banana trees, and fiddle leaf ferns in great looking pots to choose from. The owner, Dianne Lee, is super-helpful and pointed us to the succulents – watering is only monthly at MOST? – perfect. They have a creative arrangement of Array floral at DC Wharffurniture to give you new ideas for your condo, apartment, or boat too! Did we say we loved this place? You can even set up a subscription for regular deliveries of fresh flowers! We also love that you can walk right in and get that last minute custom arrangement or live plant from 11am to 8pm!

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