How to find the Public Bathrooms at Wharf DC

There’s no time to waste when it comes to using the loo when you are at the DC Wharf. Luckily, we wrote this post so you can locate the three public bathrooms faster than water trickling into the river.


  • Easiest to Locate: Tiki/RAP Terrace
    Men’s and women’s bathrooms are located to the left of Rappahannock Oyster Bar and below Tiki TNT, each with three stalls and one handicap stall. This location does not have a family changing table, but the other two bathrooms do. If you are near the Municipal Fish Market, this is the closest toilet.








  • Unisex Individual Bathrooms: Transit Pier
    There are four individual unisex bathrooms  at the Jetty Terminal Building on Transit Pier located adjacent to the water taxi box office and below Cantina Bambina. The two bathrooms accessible from outside are wheelchair and family-friendly with changing tables. The two individual bathrooms accessible inside the door are temperature controlled.





  • Most ADA and Family-Friendly: Water Street Alley
    The largest and most ADA-friendly public restroom is located halfway down the service alley known as Water Street right next to Array Floral and below the Intercontinental Hotel. Use the automated door function to enter from the alley and into the separate bathrooms. There are two large men’s and women’s bathrooms in addition to a unisex family-friendly individual bathroom. The men’s and women’s bathrooms both provide changing table areas and have more than ten stalls each.


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  1. marumaru 2 months ago

    Where are the public restrooms? For your convenience, there are several public restrooms throughout The Wharf: Jetty Terminal Building on Transit Pier, below Cantina Bambina (wheelchair accessible) Water Street SW below 800 Maine Avenue, next to Array Floral (wheelchair accessible) Fish Market area, below Tiki TNT Market Pier floating restrooms, available to boaters using Market Docks

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