Looking on a map you will see The Wharf sits along the Washington Channel, which is an offshoot of the Potomac River and flows into the Tidal Basin. For directional purposes The Wharf from the fish market to Recreation Pier sits roughly from a NW position to a SE postion, but for easy reference we just say west to east. 


market pier, wharfPerhaps the best way for visitors to get their bearings, is by understanding the layout of the four piers at the Wharf.  The Market Pier is located on the west end of The Wharf near the Municipal Fish Market which provides direct waterside access for boaters and visitors.  






recreation pier, wharfMoving east along the Wharf is Transit Pier, where visitors can catch a water taxi to Georgetown, Old Town, Alexandria, or National Harbor.  Transit Pier has an ever changing array of activities that includes an ice rink in the winter, and giant games of battleship and Connect Four in the warm months. On Saturdays there are free Yoga classes. Also located at Transit Pier is the always fun Cantina Bambina. The bar’s elevated location provides a great view of the Wharf and the city. 





Wharf, district pierDistrict Pier is The Wharf’s largest that extends onto the Washington Channel. It hosts many fun public events such as the annual Running of the Chihuahuas, Pride on the Pier and food festivals. 







Capital Yacht Club is centrally located along the Wharf and features beautiful yacht class sailboats and cruisers. The yacht club offers reciprocity for visitors who belong to other yacht clubs where they can enjoy the club’s restaurant, bar, and terrific views.  







At the east end of the Wharf is Recreation Pier that features a 15 foot eternal torch fueled by propane.  The torch serves as a great meeting place and warms the soul and hands on cool days and nights. There are also lovely swings spread out along Recreation Pier.  Snagging one of the coveted swings just might be your highlight of a visit to The Wharf.  Kayak and paddle boards are available to rent at the pier allowing you to see The Wharf from the water for an entirely different perspective.  Another feature of Recreation Pier is the Wharf Jitney, a free ferry across Washington Channel to East Potomac Park. 





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