Wharf Life DC Hats, Tees, and Totes

Wharf Life DC has fresh merch for sale at our online store and at Shop Made in DC! We have all new designs including a trucker hats, tees, and tote bags. Our quality merch is produced by DC’s own Bailiwick Clothing.  We love working with the Bailiwick crew on new ideas and products.

Wharf Life DC Trucker Hat

The 2021 hats stand out and look great.  The front is a deep blue with embroidered logo that stands up tall and straight.  The back is mesh with one-size fits all fitting.  Buy hats. 






Wharf Life DC Tee

The 2021 shirts are blue with white lettering. The Wharf Life DC logo is on the back, and our slogan, “A little salty, a little fresh” is on the front heart area. Buy tees. 




Wharf Life DC Tote Bag

New for this year is a Wharf Life DC tote bag. Our sturdy totes are great for shopping at the Wharf and as gifts.  The Wharf Life DC logo is printed on one side and our slogan, “a little salty, a little fresh” is printed on the other. Buy totes.




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