Boatlife at Gangplank Marina

Boatlife at Gangplank at DC Wharf is Fun, Communal, and Never Boring 

Living on a boat is straight up fun.  There is something about the flow of the water, the remarkable sunsets, and the outdoor spaces on a boat that make for the perfect combination for community gatherings. 

boatlife gangplankCocktails are tastier on boats, food is better on boats, the sunsets are certainly better and but for the occasional whiff of diesel, the smells are even better. These sensations are not taken for granted.

But perhaps the most special thing about living on a boat at Gangplank Marina at The Wharf is our community. Boat communities are just different from neighborhoods on land. First, and foremost, we rely on our neighbors a lot more, which means we know our neighbors a lot more than is typical on land. In a pinch, there’s a neighbor who can walk the dogs, repair a broken appliance, or who can provide notary services, and much more.  

Boatlife GangplankThe social scene in boat communities is especially strong. The “drop in” is alive and well and there is always a cocktail Boatlife Gangplankon the ready. Do someone a favor and that kindness will be repaid.  How? Usually, we’ll stop over at the boat of the person who did the good deed with offerings of wine, whiskey and perhaps sometimes weed. A simple drop off of a gift is virtually unheard of without at least some fellowship.


Boatlife at Gangplank MarinaTime can slip away on a boat. As night covers the water, the whiskey flows and the right DJ selects just the right music. Conversation range from current events, to politics, to pop culture, interrupted every so often by a passing helicopter flying low and slow.  Before you know it, you look down at your phone and see that the time is much later than you had intended to call it a night.  

Fortunately, getting home means never having to drive.  Sure, the walk home can be perilous. Getting off and on boats takes some agility and then there is the actual walking of the docks surrounded by open water.  However, these are feats accomplished without incident on a regular basis. It’s part of the boatlife.


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