Diament Jewelry (and so much more) at DC Wharf


As you walk around the DC Wharf it’s easy to think there are only restaurants and music venues here, but you would be wrong.  There are many locally owned places to shop right here at the Wharf. I stopped and chatted with the owner of Diament recently.  She knows me well by now and she confirmed my suspicion that if a shop puts in the effort, and is in a good location, then it can succeed.  

Diament - wharf dcLibby Diament is the owner of Diament and is more surprised by her quick success at The Wharf than anyone. After earning a degree in business, Libby enrolled in a comprehensive jewelry training program where she learned how to create jewelry. This led her on to the craft show circuit in which she crossed the country for eight years. There she sold her own jewelry and vintage pieces she had picked up along the way. She takes from that experience the connection with a community of crafters she is still friends with today.  

Libby sells her work online and is doing well there also, but chose to open a store at the advice of another Wharf shop owner, Martha Spak, of Martha Spak Gallery, across the way at District Square. 

Libby’s purpose for having a shop is similar to ours here at WharfLifeDC. Our goal is to highlight the shops and their employees at the Wharf, giving voice to the merchant’s community by showing off their efforts. Libby is highlighting the crafters and makers community, by giving them a venue for selling all their creative goods.

Libby can easily tell the background story for each of the lines she sells.  Scarves made by a fellow vendor she stood across from at every craft show for years, or candles with great vessels and unusual scents – Whiskey, anyone? Flip-flops and flats for when the cobblestones do in your heels. Sun hats, baby clothes, women’s kaftans, funny cards, and even cute umbrellas are all here and waiting for you to ask Libby their story.


Diament Jewelry is open every day from 10 am-8 pm

33 District Square SW

Washington, DC 20024




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