Diament Makes Move to New Location at The Wharf

Diament Jewelry at the DC Wharf has a new location and a whole new vibe. The space is fun, including brighter colors, new merchandise, a giant pink palm tree, and swings. Yes, actual swings! Diament’s new home is just two doors down from its previous location, next to Milk Bar at District Square.

While the store is open for business, the decor is a beautiful work in progress. Owner, Libby Diament, says we will see a new, creative floor design going in soon, and there will also be a vibrant floral wallpaper put up in the near future. Also in the plan is a dressing room area created for the space.

Perhaps the most exciting change that will occur over the next couple of months will be an eye-catching wrap on the exterior of the store that will include designs and a welcoming graphic message that says, “So glad you are here.” Libby expects the wrap to be a highly-photographed prime “selfie” location.

While not getting into the details, Libby also took the time to say her store will call The Wharf home for the “long term.” This is especially good news in light of the number of businesses that have moved-out at the Wharf in recent months. Having a foundation of businesses at the Wharf is essential to the long-term success of the entire neighborhood.

Diament is filled with homemade jewelry, much of it made by Libby, gift cards, candles, clothes, hand creams, and baby gifts.

While Libby is transitioning her shop’s merchandise, there is a massive 50% Off Sale located near the back of the store for many items. Among the sales items are coffee mugs, hand soap, candles, bath salts, and gift bags.

Prior to opening her shop at The Wharf, Libby spent eight years crossing the country on the craft show circuit selling the jewelry she makes herself and the vintage pieces she picked up along the way. Many of the items you will find in her shop are created by makers Libby met while on the craft show circuit.

Come check out what Libby is up to at her new Diament location!


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