Bubble Tea and Baked Goods 

E-Tea has officially opened at the District Wharf and serving-up fresh fruit, tea, fresh baked goods, and onigiri. No doubt, bubble tea will be a very popular drink at the Wharf this spring and summer. E-Tea is a local business owned by Leopold Liao, a veteran of the DC food scene. 

“E-Tea will be a welcome addition to The Wharf and serve as a relaxed and friendly hangout spot for all,” said Liao. He says that E-Tea will be both delicious and healthy, “with a diverse menu of drinks bursting with refreshing flavor, customers will find here the intersection of taste and health.”

Originally a treat from Taiwan, milk tea, and its sister fruit tea, have exploded in popularity across Asia and the United States. It is made by steeping traditional loose leaf tea and mixing with the richness of milk and traditionally topped with tapioca pearls. E-Tea’s menu offers milk tea like Brown Sugar Bubble Tea as well as fresh fruit teas like Dragonfruit Rose Black Tea and Yuzu Citrus Green Tea.

Liao says of the familiar sounding E-Tea, that the shop is in fact named after one of his favorite movies, the 1982 Steven Spielberg E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. “E-Tea is a place where people of different backgrounds (and maybe worlds) can come together,” he said. 

E-Tea offers a wide selection of fresh pastries, made daily on-site, that includes items such as croissants, bomboloni, puff pastries, and more. Another fun food option is the onigiri menu. Onigiri, also known as rice ball, is a seaweed-rice wrap that can be topped with flavors like spiced tofu or tuna.

E-Tea is located at District Square at the Wharf, next to Surfside.  In honor of its grand opening, E-Tea is offering a buy 2, get 1 bubble tea during the month of March.

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