“Why live at the DC Wharf?” Is a question I get fairly regularly when folks find out that I live in the “newest neighborhood in DC”. I usually just say “Come visit! See it for yourself, I think you’ll get it”. For me, The Wharf was a natural fit for a lot of reasons, just a few of which include:


Architecture: The Wharf is one community but it took nine architectural firms (and counting!) to make it happen. The plan was for it to feel cohesive but not too “matchy-matchy” (that’s a technical term). The result is buildings that have distinct personalities. Think of it as a “choose your own adventure” style of living.  









Mindfulness & Sustainability: All of the buildings at The Wharf were designed to achieve either gold or silver LEED certification.  A state-of-the-art 700,000 gallon cistern system collects rainwater from a network of “green” rooftops, also known as living, vegetative, or eco roofs. This water is then re-used throughout the neighborhood, while at the same time reducing pollution in local waterways by minimizing damaging runoff. Fortunately these rooftops also have amazing views and are great for watching sunsets or sipping your rose’ all day.







Wharf dogsPet Friendly: The Wharf is super pet friendly. Pets are allowed in all Wharf residential spaces (each building has its own requirements). Well behaved pups are welcome at most shops and on restaurant patios. There are water bowls for them at most storefronts, & treats from shopkeepers are in generous supply. My pups are partial to stopping by the Union Pie kiosk for a quick sip, and maybe a rogue pepperoni, but the water also seems to be tasty at Officina and Pearl Street Warehouse….and Milk Bar …and Velo Cafe….you get the idea.







Residents: The people at The Wharf are great. We have a really diverse community of folks that love where they live …and it shows! Living by the water, or on it (shout-out to our boat community!) just seems to make people a little more chill, a little less stressed, and even, dare I say, a little bit friendlier. We know our neighbors, our shopkeepers, and our bartenders. But don’t take my word for it… Come visit, see for yourself…I think you’ll get it! 


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