The Exclusive NFT Collection from Wharf Life DC

Wharf Life DC has released its first gallery of NFTs now available from OpenSea. For those who have not yet caught up on the world of NFTs, we are talking about non-fungible tokens, which are unique units of data created with technology built on a cryptocurrency blockchain.

NFTs are typically purchased using a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum. What makes NFTs special is that they are, well, non-fungible, meaning that each token, which is part of the Ethereum blockchain, is unchangeable and tamper-proof. 

The Ethereum blockchain is a public ledger in which the chain of ownership can be digitally tracked and verified. The simple way to explain the massive growth of NFTs is that it provides an opportunity to own original digital art.

Wharf Life DC’s NFT collection depicts classic scenes from the Wharf area in SW Washington, DC. The gallery currently consists of 7 collectible pieces of beautiful digital photographic art including scenes from Pearl Street, Recreation Pier, the historic Municipal Fish Market, The Anthem, the Francis Case Memorial Bridge lighted for Pride month, and a unique view of the Washington Monument from under the Case Bridge. 

The collection is extremely limited with most pieces consisting of just five editions. One piece, an amazing night time photograph of the Wharf skyline including the Washington Monument, taken from the water is limited at one of one. 

The entire collection can be seen and purchased at Open Sea.  Here a summary of the gallery: 

A Walk Along Pearl Street

A Walk Along Pearl Street – this photograph captures Pearl Street, the heart of the District Wharf, in all of its glory. Pearl Street includes a variety of cuisines among the many restaurants and two music venues.  








Reflection of District Wharf and Washington Monument

Reflection of the District Wharf and Washington Monument – this spectacular photo of the Wharf skyline with the Washington Monument is a one of one NFT. The photo was taken prior to phase 2 construction of additional docks and thus this particular image will never again be captured.  







Recreation Pier at District Wharf

Recreation Pier at District Wharf – the photo was taken on a summer evening in 2021 and captures fragmented beams of light and the edge of Capital Yacht Club. Recreation Pier has swings and a large gas fueled fire pit.  Kayaks, canoes, and SUPs can be rented from the pier as well. 






Captain White Seafood City

Captain White Seafood City – the Municipal Fish Market dates back to the 1790s and is the longest continuously operating fish market in the United States. Captain White Seafood City has been part of that history since the 1940s. They have been providing fresh seafood from the Chesapeake Bay and beyond ever since.  




Anthem Marquee in the Sun

The Anthem in the Sun – the Wharf boasts three music venues and the Anthem is the largest of them all.  World famous acts such as Foo Fighters, Wily Nelson, to Lizzo have graced the stage at Anthem. The venue is revolutionary because of its layout which includes stadium seating, remarkable sound, and ample bars and bathrooms.  




DC Full of Pride

DC Full of Pride -the Case Memorial Bridge strikes a remarkable image when its stanchions are lighted with Pride during the month of June. Its bright blue streak that runs the length of the bridge is a defining feature of Wharf from the water. 

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