T-Swift Honored on Moon Rabbit Mock-Tail Menu

Moon Rabbit, the modern Vietnamese restaurant has debuted a fun and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail menu. Perfect for the last days of Dry January or for those just looking to reduce their alcohol consumption, the mock-tails are based on traditional cocktails and honor Chef Kevin Tien’s unique Southern and Vietnamese – with a few named in honor of the great T-Swift!

No-groni Spritz: This spin on a Negroni is made with a bittersweet Cordial made in house, tea, herbs, spices, and a touch of sweetness. It also utilizes Seedlip Grove and Fever Tree Aromatic tonic. It combines elements of a traditional Negroni as well as a lighter Italian-style Spritz.






Ube Iced Vietnamese Coffee: This culinary-driven drink highlights the restaurant’s modern Vietnamese-American roots. Ube is utilized throughout southeast Asian culture and traditional Vietnamese iced coffee with a delicious and unique flavor. They also use a NOLA-style chicory cold brew to honor Chef Kevin’s southern roots and unique culinary lens.





Sparks Fly: Named after the Taylor Swift Speak Now song “Sparks Fly”, this pink drink is made with Yuzu, cranberry, simple syrup and topped with soda.









Look What You Made Me Do: Named after the Taylor Swift reputation song “Look What You Made Me Do”, this fun mock-tail is made of coconut milk and jasmine tea syrup, topped with a dried citrus.

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  1. […] Moon Rabbit serves Ca Tim Xao, a twice cooked eggplant with sunflower miso satay. The Green Mango salad is beautifully served and the Hinona Kabu Turnip turns a simple turnip into a mouthwatering dish. Moon Rabbit also serves a variety of mocktails for a non alcoholic alternative. […]

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