Drinks at the Wharf DC

The Wharf DC has plenty of places to wet your whistle and we’ve visited all of them.  Here’s a list of just some of the great places to grab a cold one and meet friends…or alone, no judgement.  Click here for the full list of WHARF DC BARS.

Cantina Bambina, located atop Transit Pier has wide open views, fun bartenders and great drinks.  Cantina doesn’t have a full food menu but visitors can bring food in from the outside so grab some steamed shrimp from the fish market or a pizza from Union Pie.  





Tiki TNI Rum Bar is a fun, multi-level bar offering moderately priced drinks and food.  Don’t let the name fool you, the drink selection goes far beyond rum. Tiki is open late and caters to the post-show and industry crowd. 





Brighton SW1 is a bi-level restaurant/bar with views of Washington Channel.  Located across from Transit Pier and next to Anthem, Brighton is a good pre and post show location.  





hanks-oyster-barWhile also listed in the restaurant category Hank’s Oyster Bar is a great meeting place for cocktails.  Hanks is also a hangout for many of the boat captains from Gangplank Marina, so if you want to know what it’s like to live on a boat don’t be shy about asking.  





whiskey charlieOne of the best views can be found at rooftop bar, Whiskey Charlie. Located above Canopy by Hilton the swanky bar is a great happy hour location with great cocktails.  Be advised that it is not a dedicated whiskey bar. Whiskey Charlie takes its name from the WC call letters for Washington Channel.





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