The Wharf has great options for coffee and espresso,here are some of the best. Click on logos for more information. 

blue bottle coffeeCoffee doesn’t get any fresher that a Blue Bottle Coffee, which uses its coffee beans within 48 hours of roasting.  Blue Bottle is located behind District Doughnuts. 





Velo Cafevelo cafe provides coffee, espressos and sweets in its unique location, in a bike shop, which is in a hardware store.  Yes, there is a lot happening at this Maine Avenue location. The staff is super friendly and you can event get beer and wine if not in the mood for coffee. 




DolcezzaDolcezza is located at District Square conveniently near the fire pit. The coffees and espresso found here are bold and well crafted. Dolcezza also has a remarkable gelato bar, so you might go with a cup and a cone!




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