What’s Opening and When at Wharf Phase 2

The Wharf developers will host a Phase 2 grand opening on October 12, 2022, exactly five years after the grand opening of Phase 1. It will mark a feat of planning and execution as the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW) vision of the SW waterfront will theoretically be complete.  Some properties will open before the October 12 date, and some will open later in the year and into 2023.  

Phase 2 will add an additional 1.15 million square feet of mixed-use spaces, including a marina, office, residential, retail, as well as parks and public spaces to the District’s Southwest Waterfront.

Here’s what we currently know in terms of what is opening in Phase 2 and when. 

As you have probably noticed, the District Wharf is expanding the marina and will add nearly a hundred new boat slips that can be rented on a short term basis. The configuration will include four new docks: P dock, which will be a kayak dock, U dock, V dock, and W dock, where a marine fueling station and store will be located. These docks are scheduled to be completed by mid-April. The fuel dock and store are expected to be open by late May or early June. 

Water Building 2, which will include maritime support services for the liveaboard community at Wharf Gangplank Marina, and public retail, will be completed by mid-April. The retail in WB2, including Gordon Ramsay’s expansion of Hell’s Kitchen will open at a later date. The walkway from 7th Street to WB2 2 will be open during this time to pedestrian traffic.

Parcels 6 & 7, the two twin mirrored glass buildings, will open in early May, and will be primarily occupied by the law firm of Williams & Connolly

Additional Parking! Garage 3, which is located underneath parcels 9 & 10 (across from 525 Water Street) will open in late May or early June and be operated by Colonial Parking. 

The apartment complex, known as parcel 8, will open in July and include 235 units. The Pendry Hotel, which is connected to the apartment building, will open in August. 

The Green, a public park, located across the street from Arena Stage, will be completed and will open in August. Waterfront Park, will be expanded when temporary trailers currently located on an adjacent plot, are moved to allow construction. Once the trailers are removed, the terrace area is expected to be completed in October. 

Amaris, the curved, luxury condominium building, will open in November.

Retailers are starting to obtain permits and build out their spaces. It is expected that some will be open by October, others later in the year and into 2023.

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