Alto the Answer for Reliable Rideshare

For anyone who is frustrated by today’s rideshare experience, you should check out Alto, the world’s first employee driver rideshare company. 

Alto is a startup company that launched its DC fleet this year and is quickly expanding.  Several factors make Alto unique including the fact that its drivers are employees of the company and receive benefits. The cars are owned by Alto and are all white Buick Enclaves with leather interior. Each day Alto vehicles are returned to a depot where they are cleaned inside and out. 

Another unique feature is that Alto is planning on an all-electric fleet by the end of 2023.  Alto uses a subscription model and touts “5-Star Vehicles + 5-Star Experiences.”

By employing their own drivers and maintaining their own fleets, Alto provides safe, reliable car service with a bit of lux while ensuring the drivers earn a living wage.  

Alto members pay a monthly access fee of $12.95, or $99 a year, which includes priority status when demand is high.Member fares are comparable to an Uber XL, while guest fares are about the same as the more expensive Uber Black. Drivers can earn from $15.50 to $18.75 per hour, depending on demand, plus company-paid health insurance.


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