Glo30 at Wharf DC for a Fresher, Cleaner Face 

Facials are a level of self care that I had never taken seriously before I lived at The Wharf DC. Living aboard a boat means I am outside most of the day. (Hello, sunshine!) Living in DC means I walk everywhere and the grit of the city ends up on my face. (Hello, city life!) 

Glo 30Welcome to Glo30, a boutique right here at The Wharf offering all the products we are looking for to care for our skin these days – clean, exfoliate, tone, hydrate, and protect. We’ve all heard that we need to take care of our skin, and perhaps you buy your skin products online without much thought, like I did. Glo30 offers a line of skin care products to match your skin’s needs. 

I first stopped into Glo30 looking for sunscreens without oxybenzone since my sunscreen had run out. I found sunscreen and was surprised by how much more they offer. Their products have a unique combination of anti-aging antioxidants, an effective sunblock and a replenishing moisturizer!  The staff at Glo30 are easy to chat with and gave no pressure to buy or sign up for anything, but I did pick up a brochure and asked about their facials.  

After chatting with the staff, I convinced myself to sign up for a monthly facial membership. There are three levels of membership to choose Glo30from, but my favorite is the FreshGlo Membership.  At $79 per month, it’s more than fair for an hour long session of treatments including an upper body massage with a bonus of 10% off all products in the store. It’s easy to book your session in the store or online, and a massage of your neck, face, arms, and hands as well as multiple skin treatments designed just for you after they analyze and photograph your skin, are absolutely delicious.

Glo30After each session, my skin really does feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Treatments here range from feeling like a light mask you might put on at home, through microdermabrasion, which is like a tiny tiny sander, a mildly abrasive instrument the technician uses to gently sand your skin, removing any uneven outer layers. It’s used for reducing the appearance of scars, or freckles and dark spots. Depending upon what your skin needs, they might use chemical peels or light therapy as well as masks with medical-grade ingredients to reduce wrinkles, boost vitamins, and volumize through hydration. I never ever thought I’d want any of this, but our life here in DC is busier, and dirtier than I could have imagined. A facial has become part of my monthly routine for health and wellness. 



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