There is so much going on at Officina it can be hard to take it all in with just one visit.  The vision of award winning chef-owner, Nick Steffanelli, visitors are greeted with an ornate but approachable ground level bar – cafe – serving small plates and traditional and unique drinks. Upstairs is a “library bar” – Salotto – that includes a small lounge with leather chairs.  Also on the second floor is the main dining area – Trattoria – and a chef’s counter. On the third floor there is a private dining area and rooftop bar – Terrazza – looking out over Transit Pier. If all that wasn’t enough, Officina features a mercado back down on the ground floor where you can take home everything from wine, to prime cuts of meats to cheeses, to baked goodies.

Our favorites

  • Arancini
  • Polpet Meatballs
  • Maltagliati


Monday – Tuesday

  • 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Wednesday – Sunday

  • 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • 5:00 pm -10:00 pm



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