Wharf Life DC, Cantina Bambina Zoom Happy Hour a Success!

Happy hour returned to Cantina Bambina this week with Beth and Marley behind the bar, albeit virtually, but lot’s of fun for the more than two dozen who participated.

Beth demonstrated how to make a Michelada and Marley concocted the classic Bambina Margarita, and we’ve included their recipes below.

Participants tipped the Cantina Bambina virtual tip jar to help out the Bambina team, who are currently out of work.  Additionally, there was a bottle auction that fetched additional funds, all going directly to the staff.  The bottles included a Pendleton Rye 12, Four Roses Small Batch Irish Whiskey, Don Q Anejo Rum, Svedka Vanilla Vodka, and Hanson Sonoma Organic Vodka paired with a bottle of Tres Agaves Bloody Mary mix.

Below, is the list of Bambina employees and account info, in case you can spare a tip.

  • Beth @Beth-Hanko (Venmo)
  • Marley @MarleyIda (Venmo)
  • “T” @Choutee-Kelly-1 (Venmo)
  • Whitney @WhitneyStan (Venmo)
  • Jacqueline @Jacqueline-Woinski (Venmo)
  • Mandie @MandieGaston (Venmo)
  • Hannah @Hannahlp@Yahoo.com (PayPal)
  • Toni $tonitoocute (PayPal)

Eventually the conversation turned to must watch movies during the current quarantine and it was decided that a Nic Cage marathon was needed.  It’s sure to be a recurring topic at the next happy hour!


Nic Cage Discussion 





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